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Xnet (exEXGAE) is a group of activists working since 2008 in fields related to: online democracy (participation mechanisms and citizen control of power and institutions); the advocacy of a neutral and free Internet; the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information and the defence of citizen journalism for the right to know, inform and be informed; the technical, communications and legal fight against corruption; and the technopolitics understood as the practice of networking and taking action for empowerment, justice and social transformation.

Originally, this project was born in 2008 under the name EXGAE, focusing on free culture and the defence of citizens against abuses from copyright monopolies; work which continues to this day, getting actively involved in analyzing and struggling against secret free trade negotiations, and defending the use of the Internet as a tool to improve the quality of democracy and against civil rights cutbacks from the powers that be and the enemy governments of the Internet in a Post-Snowden world.

It is vital that the work we make as a civil society reaches all kinds of people so we can share its positive results with everyone. We help to create events, and spread the replication of successful events far and wide in different locations.
We periodically organise the Free Culture Forum (FcForum) and the OXcars ceremony, two events of international relevance.


FCForum Xnet

The FCForum is an international arena in which to build and coordinate action and a shared agenda for issues related to free/libre culture and access to knowledge. The FCForum brings together key organisations and active voices in the sphere of free/libre culture and knowledge, and provides an opportunity to meet and work together on answers to the pressing questions that arise from the current paradigm shift.
we have organised the FCForum every year since 2009. It is a big international forum on the defence of a free Internet and its purpose as a tool to access free culture and knowledge, and improve democracy.

It is an internationally recognised space in which world renownedideas, collectives and people involved in the advocacy of a free internet have convened, and which has served to build strategies of action and positive agendas in favor of a more democratic digital era. Collective documents have been produced at every FcForum. Documents which have been used in the fight, such as the Letter for Innovation of Creativity and the Access to Knowledge.


Against the powerful copyright industries lobby, the FCForum is a space in which to construct grassroots proposals that can strengthen civil society’s position in the debate around the creation and distribution of art, culture and knowledge in the digital era. In response to the limits of a hijacked, stagnant democracy, the FCForum is an opportunity to imagine and create new prototypes that meet the challenges of democracy in the network society.


OXcars Xnet

The FCForum, which takes place in tandem with the OXcars festival, the biggest free/libre culture event of all time ; ), is a three-day event of international scope that focuses on organising a united front encompassing solutions and proposals from around the world, so that they can strengthen and complement each other and offer a joint response to the pressure that a sector of the industry exerts on governments. It is also about discovering and interconnecting innovative projects linked to transparency, freedom of information, public data and open institutional mechanisms that empower citizens and improve distributed forms of control of governments.

The philosophy of free culture, heir of the free software, is the biggest empirical proof that a new ethic and a new business are possible that’s why Xnet created the Oxcars, a pioneering non-competitive event that during last six years has given visibility to the culture of our time, the culture of sharing.


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