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Did you know that sign languages are the mother languages of deaf people?

Did you no that sign language is not a universal language and that there are numerous different sign languages?

Can you imagine how difficult it could be to learn a language without ever hearing it? Can you imagine if in addition to that you have no access to a dictionary? is a free knowledge project that offers a platform to create and share free video sign language dictionaries for sign languages of the world.

In most of the countries there is no national sign language dictionary available and in those where there is a dictionary it can be a paper version difficult to find or buy. first aim is to help deaf people around the world learn written/oral languages (they can search for a word in a written language to see the video sign for it and understand its meaning) but it can also be used by people that want to learn sign languages and by researchers.

All the content in is made by volunteers.

Nowadays wikisigns offers more  more than 1600 signs in 7 different sign languages. The site received more that 11000 visits from visitors from 100 different countries in the las 6 months.

Here you can watch a video explaining what is wikisigns in Mexican Sign Language made by one of our volunteers.

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