is a response to the concerns of a group of citizens and
citizens motivated by instilling in society as a whole the
principles of Open Government (open government) and Open Data
(open data).

OpenKratio community intends to establish a group of
Citizen Action, a national, that through initiatives
outreach, participation, collaboration and project development
in the public and political space, help weave a network of interest
and social transformation to improve democracy by
adopting the principles of the movement “open”, especially the
Open Government (open government) and the opening of public data
(open data).

Openkratio principles are: open management, participation
Free, collaboration, independence, inclusiveness, non-
profit, enthusiasm and ethical hacker.

Relevates Some of our projects are:
OKIOCONF: Days Open Government and OpenData (three editions).
Hummingbird Project (API parliamentary monitoring).
#AdoptaUnaPlaya (Citizen involvement in data release
environmental public and working with them).
Contributions to laws of transparency and participation in different
autonomous communities (Andalucía, Asturias, Canarias, Castilla y
Leon, ).
Views of public budgets.
– Different training courses on Open Government and Data
Certificate Authority online voting process.
Workshops data journalism.

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