sees the light at a hackathon in the spring of 2013. Our aim is to improve  transparency and accountancy of our autonomous government, Generalitat de Catalunya. Our  first project is to find out how many units/entities are part of its structure and how much is spent on each of them. Ours is a local project in Catalan but we translate part of it into Spanish and English.

By using an opendata file from the Open Data Portal of the Generalitat we build a dataviz of the department organization charts and by doing additional research we find documents and publish stories that disclose huge allowances to officers for attending certain meetings. We have also tracked the Catalan Transparency Law (passed in Dec 2015) from its start.

Our latest contribution is the Generalitat’s seismograph, that monitors changes in all the units  that shape its structure on a daily basis. We are searching help to develop it. We’d also like to improve our webpage design.

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