Open Data portal at Rubí

Ruby City Council has opted for Open Data portal as instrument  to establish a new dialogue framework with citizenship. From citizen empowerment through use horizontal and data sharing can establish a dialogue more rigorous between citizens and city council. A dialogue more deliberative democracy that seeks quality and efficiency public institution from the detection point improvement in management and policy.The Committee on Transparency and Good Governance, consisting of all municipal political groups represented in Parliament, validate the publication of the data set from the proposal (either technical or ciudadadana) provided that the data are computationally publishable and within the standars of OpenData. the fact adopted from a committee comprising government and opposition consolidates the portal and generate opendata philosophy, transparency and knowledge.

The given its advanced solution, Portal offers not only the data but which enables citizens to interact and create your own interpretations generated one collective knowledge. The portal allows share with the rest of the citizenry these new  interpretations (in the form of graphs, tables, maps …) through a section specific and through social networks thereby opening the dialogue and questioning the institution in different areas.

The City Council formations have driven sessions for work data and generate knowledge.

The public has a section on the website to request publication of new data.

It is working for a Call for App‘s and a contest to create APP for civic and culturalsports calendar agenda.

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