Open and reusable Procurement in Zaragoza city

The City of Zaragoza, since 2008 publishes its contractor profile with time stamping, ensuring access, integrity, availability, authenticity, confidentiality, traceability and preservation of data.

In Spain we have more than 8,000 profiles contractor and each of the public administrations, based on your needs, the contractor profile in your e-Office, assuming a clear example of lack of standardization of data.

On the one hand, re-users and businesses increasingly demand a standardized vocabulary that allows them to interact more efficiently and automatically with the different profiles of Public Administration and on the other hand we have citizens who demand more transparency in the management.

Administrations we need to know at all times the information associated with the contracts that we manage as well as having the enough standard to improve interoperability between administrations data.

The methodology that the City of Zaragoza continues to publish new data sets is based on the established web standards within the W3C, which the Management Unit of the Municipal Web is a member since 2005.

In February 2013, the Working Group Contratación in Spain W3C Open Data community, coordinated by the city of Zaragoza ( is created.
The objective is the publication of the dataset “Contractor Profile” consensually with other administrations, facilitating reuse by third parties and the social partners can make a systematic monitoring of public procurement and prepare studies on it so much more effective than in the current situation.

Since 2008, the Contractor profile has increased the information associated with the procurement procedures of the City of Zaragoza incorporating Minors Contracts and spreading information remaining contracts published.

The ontology that has been used has been PPROC (, ontology CONTSEM developed as part of the project and also are reused existing ontologies as Public Contracts Ontology (PCO), Open Data initiative of the Czech Republic.

W3C Ontology Organization.
Good Relations Ontology.
Dublin Core Metadata Terms.
This work is also described and available in greater detail in the Semantic Web Journal: and-public-procurement

Among the advantages we gain by having standardized and semantically described information include:
Easy to interrelate data of different types of contracts and procurement procedures.
Improve knowledge and analysis of public procurement.
Easy to answer questions related to management posed citizenship or that interest us as city hall.
Choosing the format in which we want to get the data for analysis or reuse.
Improving the results of searches performed through web search engines like Google or Yandex.

Thanks to the standardization of information we publish on the Contractor Profile We can answer questions raised by reusers through our point SPARQL
( and what are the major winners throughout the current year, the list of companies that have worked with the council or the ratio of contracts by type or procedure. More detailed at:
Taking advantage we’re already using PPROC ontology to label semantically our contractor profile and continuing with our commitment to transparency, we have published a series of indicators that respond to issues related to both the Ordinance Transparency of the City of Zaragoza as the Transparency Index of the municipalities (ITA) prepared by Transparency International since 2008:

You can consult the successful tenderers who have participated in proceedings of the City of Zaragoza by year and type of contract.
s_PerfilContratante? enti = HALL + DE + ZARAGOZA & anyo = 2014 & id = 1

A list of companies who have tendered a contract procedures for years and by contract type is displayed.

The public can view the proceedings in which an undertaking participated in concrete. ratos_PerfilContratante? tenderer = ACCIONA% 20INFRAESTRUCTURAS & id = 1

It reports on the composition, mode of appointment and calls for hiring tables.

Proceedings of the Officers Recruitment published.

The list and / or the amount of operations with suppliers, major contractors and grantees Hall is published.
\ u2022 information on the actual cost of services financed by public prices or fees is published. e / encasa / finance / costeefectivo.htm

Service display data related to public procurement to improve its interpretation and understanding are also available. Specifically display shows:
Amount and% of contracts awarded the City of Zaragoza for each type of contract.
Amount and% of contracts awarded the City of Zaragoza for each type of procedure.

All this information is downloadable cited by citizens in open .csv formats and .json

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