Medialab-Prado: create a breeding ground for entrepreneurship from the open knowledge. (to be completed with figures of activities and projects)

Medialab-Prado is a national laboratory of production, research and dissemination of cultural projects that explores the forms of experimentation and collaborative learning that have emerged digital networks, especially those based on open knowledge.

Medialab-Prado is a program of the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism of Madrid, managed by the company Municipal Madrid Destination: Culture, Tourism and Business.

In his more than 12 year career has developed a model public cultural institution based on the principles of open knowledge, which has helped to build and enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The project has achieved recognition locally and internationally by developing a model of own operation that has proved its sustainability and has important values generated at a relatively low cost a large produced many high quality projects, an active community and growing user and a network of collaborations nationally and international. It has established itself as a leader in culture digital, and work formats have been replicated in 16 cities world.

Model Medialab-Prado:
Medialab-Prado was inspired by practices that have emerged from internet, software and free hardware to enable a open platform that invite and allow users to configure, alter and modify the processes of research and production. A through open calls are selected proposed projects
by the users and a call is made to other users want to participate in the development of projects and collaborators. Different classroom activities such as workshops prototyping and collaborative group work and learning Shared serve as a production of concrete projects and
have allowed building and sustaining community of active users configuring Medialab-Prado. The success of this model is based on
creates rich contexts for the diversity of participants, an offering different forms of participation that allow cooperation of people with different profiles (artistic, scientific, technical), levels of expertise (experts and beginners) and degrees of involvement, and a space
permanent information, listening and meeting dressed by cultural mediators that explain the nature of space and place connecting people to people, people with projects, projects projects.

Medialab-Prado has online tools for documentation projects and different activities held in their space. The projects are documented in the community platform lectures, performances and texts on file with your page web, with more than 1500 videos online. these contents carry a CC BY SA.

From the standpoint of promoting entrepreneurship from the open knowledge, Medialab-Prado has generated benefits different levels:
-in the formation and dissemination of new knowledge and innovation open with its program of activities
-in the creation of innovative prototypes
-in innovation methodologies
-in the creation of community: a breeding ground for entrepreneurship

Program activities:
The activity program comprises production workshops and training, seminars, debates, meetings of different groups work, meetups, sample projects, conferences and other events such as concerts and performances. Since 2013, with the arrival new building of the Belgian Sawmill has increased considerably.

Notably some examples as international workshops Interactive production? and Display; the seminars Inclusive-net platform as “p2p networks and processes” (2009) and the workshop “Digital Networks and Physical Space” (2008); groups Working as data journalism, IoT Madrid, Arduino, Mad Hack, Mad4Hacking, Drupal Mad, Data Analytics, U Theory, Bit Coin, Furniture Open Source, Conversion Thurdays, Economics commons or
activities and projects of the Master Culture, Citizenship and Digital Communication, Street Food, Urban Beekeeping, Translations
Procomún …
Hackathones and datatones as Ecohack (2014), Hackriculture (2014)
Global Game Jam (2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015).

Training workshops such as introduction to programming, CoderDojo, 3d printing and digital fabrication.

Also, in recent years there have been numerous activities related to entrepreneurship: Mad Data, Emprender together, Congress Business Common Good, workshops introduction to crowdfunding, the annual meeting of the Platform to undertake another energy model or collectively.

Completed projects:
In Medialab-Prado have developed many new projects production workshops.
Building a Rep-Rap Darwin in 2009, projects data visualization as In The Air, the dark side of the energy, Level Head, What do MPs, Helium …

Innovation in formats for prototyping, learning
The working methods of Medialab-Prado have been replicated in different cities of the world: Ljudbiana, Dublin, Brighton, Birmingham, New York, Buenos Aires, Salamanca, Gijón, San Sebastian, Valencia, Mexico, Veracruz, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Rosario, Córdoba, Berlin and Lima,

Medialab-Prado has built a local community and internationally noted for its diversity of profiles: artists, designers, architects, biologists, anthropologists, physicists … is These active users develop their skills in the development of joint projects that benefit the common good. in many cases people involved in projects Medialab-Prado give a twist to his career and undertake new own professional projects or are hired by companies and universities.

Beyond the laboratory:
An indicator used to measure community building Medialab-Prado, are those projects that arise from the context and  ew personal relationships conducive Medialab-Prado. are projects that go beyond what is done in the laboratory. this One context has contributed to the emergence of new companies and knowledge-based initiatives open as Arduino, Makerbot, Play the Magic, Log-in Madrid, Peripecio, Ultralab, Hackity,
Bestiary, Drip, Open Frameworks, Lummo ….

For these reasons, Medialab-Prado is an important node in the entrepreneurship ecosystem based on knowledge open.

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