Madrid city open data portal

Madrid City Council launched the Open Data Portal ( in March 2014, thus complementing the Transparency Portal had been two years earlier.
From the beginning, transparency and collaboration of citizenship as management approach and progress was established, how could it be otherwise.
In this line different mechanisms for citizens could participate and it has made during the eleven months of life were enabled portal:

1.- Enabling a channel to resolve your concerns.

2.- Allowing the evaluation of each of the data sets, and indicating the downloads on each.

3.- Allowing comments to each of the data sets published. (At the bottom of each dataset).

4.- Report an application made: equally, enabling the channel, so that companies tell us what they do with our data.

5.- It has created a register or list of re-users, to inform re-users or citizens from news or changes of the portal.

6.- And especially allowing citizens’ proposals to incorporate new data sets. Publishing these proposals received further, for the rest of citizens to comment. Providing mechanisms to allow the assessment and voting on them.

Internally, working daily in trying to meet these proposals, apart from incorporating new data sets.

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