MADdata: open data & analysis for entrepeneurs

MADdata is an initiative organized by the City of Madrid and everis. It has been the biggest competition of city data to the challenge of creating innovative technology projects from open data using Big Data & Analytics capabilities, promoting technological innovation, economic data, civic communication and social action to foster entrepreneurship in the city of Madrid.

Main objectives
In this first edition, data reuse open for entrepreneurs and citizens has enabled:
– Show data value, proving that entrepeneurship is possible from ideas using open data.
– To promote citizen participation through facilitation and understanding of data as a source of transparency.
– Fostering innovation and the digital Enterprise, contributing, with the competition and the prize, to the first steps of the entrepeneurs.
 The competition

Entrepreneurs, apps developers , designers , journalists of data and innovative social were invited to participate in the challenge to bring value to the data in Madrid. For this, the datasets available were city data, city open data portal datasets, transportation and mobility, and social networks datasets. These data were available from open sources but were enriched through analytical and Big Data capabilities. EVERIS made ​​available to entrepreneurs its DATUNE platform as a data catalog and facilitate Big Data capabilities for creating new datasets product of analysis between different open data sources. In order to facilitate participation and entrepreneurship, a workshop was set, so they could work on the technology before competition, and it included a talk on entrepreneurship.

The competition was divided into three phases:

  • START . Enrolled participants had a weekend ( 27 and 28 September ) to generate an initial version of the project that allowed them to move to the next phase.
  • RACE . On October the 6th the 3 projects selected by category  were announced . They had till the 4th of November to deliver the final version. During this period meetings with the teams were made to facilitate support and coaching on projects .
  • FINAL . Presentation of the winning projects and awards . The presentations of the projects consisted of a pitch of 6 minutes exposure + 4 minutes to open questions of the jury.

The team could participate into three categories:

  • BUSINESS INNOVATION “Creating new business models and public service by developing applications using open data.”
  • SOCIAL INNOVATION “Creating new models of social economy, community, collaboration and cooperation by developing applications using open data.”
  • DATA DISPLAY “Providing new ways of making data available through representations that allow reuse and foster innovation processes citizen.”

The results

  •  80 PEOPLE working with open data. Enrolled participants had a weekend to generate an initial version of the application or visualization that allows them to move to the next phase.
  • 14 PROJECTS presented of high value. Of those , only 3 were selected into each category, and they had the additional time and coaching to deliver the final project.
  • 9 FINALISTS – Presentations of projects consisted of a pitch of 6 minutes exposure + 4 minutes to open questions of the jury.



Team: CoolData
Project: Bileit
The project is a website that allows you to view all entertainment and cultural events there in the city of Madrid. Registers cultural and sporting events with comments system and social sharing.


Team: K-Social
Project: K-Social
The project is a mobile application that displays information related to gender violence in the districts of Madrid, and allow groups that suffer this abuse to share and contact authorities and organizations to assist them.


Team: The Bit Island
Project: Bussiness.Init ()
The project is a web portal designed to facilitate entrepreneurs viewing and searching for the best premises for your new business.

Sustainability for the entrepreneurs

In order to ensure continuity of the efforts currently developed are still working on different lines :

  • Coaching and monitoring of winners contributing and strengthening the potential of the project success.
  • Valueing of the results obtained through the initiative and contribute to the development of the information society .
  • Expanding the open data entrepeneurship: preparing new editions in Madrid and other cities taking into account lessons learned .

We count on the winning teams to become successful entrepreneurs !

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