The jury will be composed of all active members of OKFN Spain active two weeks before the award ceremony. In addition, the organization reserves the right to invite relevant people to this process.

Rufus Pollock president and founder of OKFN
Dr. Rufus Pollock is founder and president of OKFN. Previously he was a fellow at the Shuttleworth Foundation and Mead member in Economics from Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge and is currently consultant to several government open data. He has worked extensively as a scholar, activist and technical advice on social, legal and technical challenges around the creation and exchange of knowledge. Read more

Iris OKFN Palma El Salvador
Iris Palma, Ambassador OKF El Salvador is a Salvadoran economist and Master in Public Policy for Social Development Fellow Legislative Scholarship Program State Department of the United States. He is currently Executive Director of the Chamber of ICT in El Salvador. In addition, she is a professor of economics at a private university in San Salvador, has worked as a consultant on data from e-government and open both the Organization of American States and the government of their country, and as a regional consultant on competitiveness and innovation in Central America. Read more

Daniel Dietrich lives, dreams and works in Berlin. It is a digital rights enthusiast and promoter of open data, open government and transparency, and a humble transforming the world in which we live. Is engaged in research, public policy development and advice in the areas of the knowledge society and other aspects of the digital society. As executive director of the German chapter of OKF, usually work with open data, open government and transparency and has authored several studies related to this subject. You can find more about him on his website http://ddie.me. Read more

Maricarmen Sequera, OKF ParaguayMaricarmen Sequera is a lawyer specializing in intellectual property, copyright, biotechnology and copyleft. Founder and current president of the Association TEDIC (Technology, Education, Development, Research and Communications), leads the Creative Commons Initiative Paraguay, Democracy 2.0, and 2.0 digital Citizen TESA Program, and founder of Hacks Hackers Assumption. A free Software consultant, she has published several articles on issues about copyright and civil rights on the Internet. Maricarmen is a member of the Internet Society (ISOC) – Paraguay’s chapter, and also is representative at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (ICANN) for TEDIC. Read more

Charalampos Bratsas OKFN Greece
Dr. Charalampos (Harry) Bratsas (bratsas) CEO of the Greek chapter of OKF joined the panel of judges. Dr. Charalampos Bratsas has extensive experience in Semantic Web with a focus on Biomedical Ontologies and Linked Open Data. During his doctoral studies, he worked in knowledge management and semantic representation Medical computational problems. He has participated in 10 research projects in the EU. Read more

Yamila García OKFN Argentina
Yas Garcia is a journalist. Promotes free access to information and works on projects open data and open source software in Argentina, especially focusing on boosting School community Data in your country. In addition, she has been working for nine years on radio and is passionate about technology, and digital innovation strategies research for radio communication. She has a degree in Content Management, and is an active member of the Hacks Hackers Buenos Aires community too. Read more

Pieter Colpaert
Pieter Colpaert of OKF Belgium is a researcher at the Media Lab – University of Ghent – iMinds. He has a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Ghent since 2012. Prior to his research position in the multimedia lab, put in FlatTurtle up that focuses on data visualization and started The DataTank an open source tool for smart cities allowing them to open their data machine readable form. Read more

Eduardo Béjar OKFN Ecuador
Eduardo Béjar, OKFN ambassador to Ecuador, an engineer of computer systems has been involved in projects related to technology for social change and civic engagement the past 12 years. He is Executive Director of Fundapi, an Ecuadorian nonprofit organization working to capacity building for representatives of nonprofit organizations, activists and volunteers; the development of web-based solutions for nonprofit organizations. Read more

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