Infotics is a blog where transversality is expressed in the information and technology which results in the “new evil means” speaking of Walter Benjamin, those to which had to be vigilant to see where modernity was going. Our age is neither modern nor postmodern; Today is the big data, cloud morning, formerly of Web 2.0, the internet last things. In any case, no information is very difficult to build a critical, prior to action, practice, through technology thought.

The project stems from a number of people who devote much of our time working on issues related to ICTs. In Infotics wanted to post our thoughts on our chores. However, it has evolved into a personal blog where the author, who is writing this in the third person, in a somewhat schizophrenic exercise, Adolfo Antón Bravo writes cooperative work or Emacs, LaTeX, orgmode or next hackathon open data. If it does here, if I do here, it is because I have complete control over the form and substance to write and publish. So I feel a little freer and more done, since I like the content, even if a review, and I like that it is properly formatted HTML.

Thus, as features highlight:
– Publication of unique content
– Free License
– Launch of Data Journalism Bulletin (BDP) in 2014
– Newsletter of data journalism in 2014.

The challenges of 2015, which started in 2014, are:
– Mayor publishing articles
– Continuity of BDP
– Launch of Data Journalism Agenda with events

This will be possible by what I said before, the form: write Emacs and LaTeX orgmode + optimizes the time spent writing; org2blog use to post in WordPress becomes very simple publication. The same applies to the agenda. All this is being written in, stay tunned!

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