Granada in Data

Granada is a blog data within
focused on data journalism. Its author, Incho Cordero, works with public data sources (sometimes open, sometimes closed), for analysis and display. Once processed, the shares in Open Document format so that others can reuse them.
This paper highlights efforts to process data from administrations and the City of Granada, blackout both public information and in the format of the files you work with.
In Granada in Information Incho Cordero makes data journalism but with a focus on Granada, given the nature of the medium that owns the blog.
The blog has become a benchmark in Granada, since it is the only and the first to be devoted to this subject in the province since the journalistic field.
Granada in data is one of the innovations recognized by the Research Group of Communication (GICOV) of Miguel Hernández (UMH) University of Elche, which places GranadaiMedia within 25 most innovative journalism projects in Spain

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