Gloria project (GLObal Robotic-telescopes Intelligent Array)

GLORIA is the First worldwide network of robotic telescopes free for
citizen science.
Any Internet user can access any of the 13 telescopes are there in the network, spanning 4 continents. The telescopes are handled through web interfaces called experiments “online”. They come in a teleoperated, and scheduled or deferred mode.
Acquired images are used by the users for analysis by experiments what is called “offline”.

Any user can add new telescopes and new online and offline experiments. In addition telescopes can be shared between the owners of different locations, in a simple way.
The work of users is measured by an index called karma reputation.

All the information is accessible with Creative Commons licenses.

To arouse the interest of the community in astronomy, GLORIA makes broadcasting astronomical events, counting on his YouTube channel with over 850,000 views.

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