Featured datasets in Madrid city

Madrid City Council launched the Open Data Portal (http://datos.madrid.es) in March 2014, complementing the Transparency Portal had been two years before. From the beginning, transparency and collaboration was established citizenship as a criterion for management and advancement, how could it be otherwise.
In this line have been published in a series of open format datasets that places great emphasis on transparency of the city and its citizens, and we present in this category. They are:

“Budgetary information: municipal budgets: 2012-2015” and “Budget execution 2014” recently complementing this monthly budget implementation 2014 with the time “series of 2011-2013“. The level of granularity at which your monthly budget and implementation are presented assumes that citizens and institutions concerned have all the information required for a thorough study. This granularity reaches level of budget implementation.

“Fine circulation” with all the detail that the privacy has enabled. The fines has always been an issue that has at least given enough game. Therefore, and as a reflection of transparency, has begun to publish the information in detail thereof.

It began to publish the information of September and October 2014, and subsequently November and December, giving details of the 200,000 fines each month.

There are very few references worldwide publishing this information on open data portals.

– “Appointment Line Madrid.” And “Annotations entry in the Registry Offices of the City of Madrid“, reflecting how citizens and Communication Themed interact with this administration.

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