FAQ (eng)

What is the Open knowledge III award open knowledge, open data and transparency?

It is an initiative to recognize worldwide  projects / organizations working in favour of open knowledge, open data and transparency.

Who organizes them?

Open knowledge Spain  supported by OK international and many local chapters.

How do I contact?

In premio @ okfn es

Who can be a candidate?

Any project / people/ organization that meets any of the criteria of the seven categories. You only need to complete the form

Who can submit an application?

Any. The organization checks manually all nominations and contact candidate’s owners.

Who is the jury?

Official members of Open knowledge in any country in the world. Also open data and open knowledge advocates, once they prove their advocacy in this form.

When and where prizes are awarded?

The worldwide opendata day on March 5th. In the Medialab Prado in Madrid.

I have a different question. How do I do ?.

Mail it to  premio @ okfn .es

This is the III  edition. who were the winners of the I edition?

Explore menu-> past editions-> 2015

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