El BOE nuestro de cada día

Eva Belmonte leads from the October 2nd, 2012 reading the BOE every morning for news and monitor government action. It is a job that has played solo, but is now done with the stamp of Civio Foundation which has been integrated.

Besides being a work of undoubted merit-who dares to try for, say, a month – has proved invaluable, the transparent news and various shenanigans that often go unnoticed among the tedious lines of institutional language.

Recent pearls:
Wert awarded Commendations Alfonso X to his predecessors and religious who educated him
The CNMV imposes a fine of 160,000 euros to the producer by market manipulation Pocoyó
364 appeals to the Supreme Court against the reform of raw renewable
The penalty Bank of Spain Cordoba Mayor passing through Cajasur is already strong

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