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Clone Wars is a group within the RepRap community, which is documented in Spanish everything you need so you can build your own 3D printer. Also collect information such as location of local businesses, members of the group having a printer near you …, general data that can help you with your project.

Anyone can become part of this community. We hope these pages will be useful and then you join our community. Clone wars (

Anyone can be part of this community, formed by 3.000 in Spain with an active group in Google+ and a forum with almost 1.400 miembros  y un fa forum with more than 3.600 menbers in which they support the promotion of 3D Printing helping to people the mounting of 3D Printers of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication), with the Do it Yourself or DIY philosophy.

The Spanish 3D Printing Clone Wars members take place fisically in some auto organized fairies like 3D Printer Party in León, the MakerShow in Zaragoza, the Madrid Expo3D and the OSHWDEN of Corunna (this, more specific to free and easy electronics of Arduino and RapsBerry Pi).

So, this movement ofers help and public experience for sharing Knowledge, not only to mount 3DPrinters but also in electronics, mecanics, quimical and behaviour materials (especially on different types of plastic filaments), Open Education and Training, also in other kind of 3D Printing processes like resin and sinterization, and latel on various cross-cutting disciplines related to tridimensional printers; robotics and cuadricopters, founding ‘spin off’ groups of Knowledge like Drone Wars.

The Clone Wars RepRap Spain philosophy is the Open Knowledge, and thanks to that had been created more than 50 enterprises in the 3D Printing sector, amongst them LEON3D, the 2014 Award finalist on the Best Business based on Open Knowledge categorie. So much more, like Education, eCommerce, and 3D Prusa i3 printers kit manufacturing: that are the enhanced machines with Open Known of his members, whose maximun example is the third genreration of the original model (‘iteraction 3’).

Therefore, can be considered that Clone Wars RepRap Spain is a self-managed group of distributed knowledges that is causing a great impact in teaching and in the sector of printing 3D in Spain, since it feeds of vaulable workers and engineers to the companies that born in the movement and extending Open Knowledge in entrepeneurs. Also, thanks to the efforts of divulgation on this group, have born several professional 3D printers closed an securized for home and workshop uses.

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