Candidates 2016

The process for the candidates has 5 steps

1.- Apply.

Use this form

2.- Validation.

Information will be compared with requirements. If OK Go to step 3. Otherwise it could be rejected, reassigned (in different category) or required for further information

3.- Publication

Organisation contacts with Candidates owners and ask for their permission to participate in the award. If positive, a dedicated bilingual (Spa, Eng) page in the award site is created and granted to edit its contents to the candidate owners.

4.- Promotion.

Candidates can promote its initiative whenever they want.

Jury members are informed of the new candidate.

5.- Voting and winners

Jury members will be entitled to vote for two weks 14th to 29th February. vote will be anonymous.

Finalists will be informed a week (aprox) before award ceremony. Winners will not be disclosed before the ceremony.