IAU OAD astroEDU: an open-access platform for peer-reviewed astronomy education activities

Why astroEDU?
There are many sources of educational resources for astronomy across the world. The quality of these resources is highly variable making the effectiveness to the end-user an unknown quantity. They are not maintained or updated regularly and have a limited content review.

To address these issues and more, astroEDU follows a peer-reviewed process similar to what scholarly articles are based on. Activities submitted to astroEDU are peer-reviewed by an educator and a professional astronomer which gives the credibility to the activities.
astroEDU activities are open-access in order to make the activities accessible to educators around the world while letting them discover, review, distribute and remix the activities. The activities will also be given higher visibility with much wider distribution through the partner networks and the official seal of the IAU.

Goals and Objectives
The goal of astroEDU is to create and maintain a platform for open-access astronomy education activities which are peer-reviewed by professionals in astronomy and education fields.

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