Aragón Open Data

Aragon Open data
it is an initiative of the Directorate General of New Technologies Government of Aragón to put data of administrations and
Aragon other organizations that want to collaborate to available to all citizens in open formats.
To achieve these objectives Aragón Open Data has developed a project that aims to bring two public targets  very
different. On the one hand citizens in general, no advanced computer knowledge, they need information presented in a clear and simple manner and in formats not Professional. Furthermore the infomediarie sector, which requires interoperability standards of high information and computer automated machinery for the treatment of data.All this has been made publicly available following a strategy that seeks to encompass several fundamental aspects for the
arrival to all users:
Creation of services that add value to the data and exemplify use in
Disseminate and create community around the data
To improve the interoperability of public information

With this vision has created a comprehensive project around open data which aims to promote transparency and re-use of public sector information

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