Pieter Colpaert from OKF Belgium has joined the jury of the award

Pieter ColpaertPieter Colpaert @pietercolpaert from OKF Belgium is a researcher at MultiMedia Lab – Ghent university – iMinds. He holds a master degree in engineering from College Ghent since 2012. Before starting his research position at MultiMedia Lab, he was running a digital signage start-up called FlatTurtle which focuses on data visualisation and started The DataTank, an open-source tool for smart cities which enables them to open up their data in a machine-readable fashion.

As a part of MultiMedia Lab for the past year, Pieter has been an active researcher in the field of E-Government, extending his work on The DataTank. He has created an ontology for the management of opening hours at openinghours.io, contributed to the RDF Mapping Language (RML), suggested a metric for quantifying the interoperability between datasets in the Computer journal, contributed to the creation of Flemish ontologies such as OSLO and helped launching Linked Data Fragments, a new approach to publishing RDF datasets as Open Data on the Web.