15MpaRato the citizen device created to fight political and financial impunity, launches on June 5th, 2012 a crowdfunding for first suit of history of the citizenship against the banking and specifically against Rodrigo Rato. In just 24 hours the cuantity needed to put Rato and all the leaders of Bankia in trial was collected. The legal and informative online device collects and shares any information the citizens may have about Bankia and Rato drematically pushing forward the trial and providing key evidences for the cause thanks to the cooperation of citizenship and getting closer to the purpose for which it was created: to rescue the citizens with money they stole from us.

For almost two years and a half 15MpaRato made available worldwide on the Internet all the work done and shared all documentation and evidences, which have been used by many scammed citizens in their trials against the banks.

(most links in Spanish)

Evidences and legal documents made available to the public

Links to legal documents and evidences available for download and free to use in trials, accessible via 15MpaRato website:

Documents proving that preferred (las preferentes) were a scam
“Don not show to the clients” How the scam was performed
Why preferred are a scam. 30,000,000,000 € for a market that does not exist
Where did the money of the scammed with the preferred go? Here the evidences
Bankia Status Report 1 / Bankia Status Report 2

Every action performed or information of interest received is uploaded to the web:
The original complaint
Relevant documentes regarding Bankia’s Initial Public Offering
Legal arguments
Declarations of interest

Other evidences and information provided by citizens to helped uncover corruption:
The black cards came to light only and exclusively by the action of groups of organized citizens
Manuscripts that prove that the Blesa’s Remuneration Committee negotiated the Black Cards

Funding and Accounts

Likewise and from the beginning, 15MpaRato is not only the world’s first device to perform a crowdfunding to denounce the banking and defend the scammed but also is pioneer on putting in its website for everyone to see, not just the initial budgets, but also the expenses, invoices and receipts with all the details:
Crowdfunding pa Rato
¿How do we fund the legal campaign?


As indicated in our website, all our content is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unportedlicense.

Hashtag: #OKFNAWARD-15M

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